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The Koelstra website uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that are placed on the hard disk of your computer or mobile device when you visit the website. Cookies contain information about, for example, your preferences and how you use the website, and they make sure your browser is recognized on a subsequent visit to our website. In this cookie statement we explain how cookies are stored and for what purposes.

Functional cookies to ensure that the Koelstra website is functioning properly

We use cookies to enable our website to function properly. These are functional cookies that are used only for this specific purpose. For example, we use cookies to make it easier to sign in and navigate on our website, and / or to remember what your preferences are when using the Koelstra website. For example, you do not have to enter your login data every time you visit our website. We want to make it clear to you that functional cookies are always stored regardless of the choices you make. Such cookies can be stored without permission.

Ads - Ads to show ads

These cookies are used for matching ads to match your interests and to prevent the same ads being shown multiple times.

Social Media - Cookies for sharing content from our website on social media

Our website includes buttons for promotion and sharing of web pages on social networks, namely Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. To make these buttons work, we use social media cookies for these social media providers. For information about these cookies that these social media providers save and the data they may collect, we will refer you to the statements of these parties on their own websites. Please note: these statements can be changed on a regular basis. We have no influence on this.

How to change the cookie settings

With browser settings on your computer, you can delete cookies that are already saved and you can refuse to save new cookies. The way to do this varies by browser. If necessary, you can consult the help function on your browser. Note: If you refuse or delete cookies, you cannot always make full use of the features of the website. In addition, rejecting or deleting cookies only affects the combination of your computer and browser for which you perform that action. If you use multiple computers and / or browsers, repeat the above actions as often as necessary.

Right of access and correction or removal of your data

You have the right to ask if you can view and delete data. For this we want to refer you to our contact page for more details. To prevent abuse, we may ask for appropriate identification. If this request refers to inspecting personal data associated with a cookie, you must send a copy of the cookie in question. The settings of your browser show where you can find them.


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